Out of the Ashes

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Out of the Ashes
Story information
Author Jaymie Wagner
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 14
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 19 February 3133

Out of the Ashes is a short story by Jaymie Wagner that was published in the fourteenth issue of Shrapnel.

Plot summary

The Republic of the Sphere Lieutenant Una Kaur led his forces on the defense against Capellan invading forces, when an artillery attack decimates his forces. Unable to contact any person of his commad and she finds herself alone, fighting the capellans. Then, a hidden gate gets blasted and a misterious 'Mech, rusty and with decades-old vegetation covering it, emerges and engages the Capellans. After downing them, Una thanks him for his assistance, but then, the misterious 'Mech turns against her. Proving to be a formidable foe, she barely manages to down him, and after she contacts again with her people, orders them to search the downed Thunderbolt, and when she explores the cockpitt, founds than the pilot, a Word of Blake Manei Domini, had been dead for decades, and than, apparently, it was the 'Mech itself the one which attacked her. Unwilling to allow that abomination to exist, she refuses to salvage the 'Mech and instead orders her soldiers to sabotage it, totally destroying the 'mech, and she contemplates it until it burns and is reduced to ashes.

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