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Outreach neighboring systems
Outreach neighboring systems
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -3.109 : -34.688[e]
Spectral class K9V[1]
Recharge time 7[2]
Recharge station(s) Zenith/Nadir[2]
Planets 8[1]

Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Orbital view of Outreach
Orbital view of Outreach
System position 2[1]
Jump point
3 days[1][2]
Moons 1 (Cerberus)[1]
Surface gravity 1.10[1]
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Tainted)[1]
Equatorial temperature 24°C[1]
Surface water 75%[1]
Highest native life Fish[1]
Reference Year 3130[1]
Ruler Emanuel Holings (Governor)[1]
Brianna Wolf (Planetary Legate)[1]
Capital Harlech[1]
Population 1,160,000[1]
HPG (Representative) A[2]

Political Affiliation

Planetary History

Early History

Outreach was first settled during the twenty-second century by Terran colonists attracted to the planet's warm climate, large tracts of arable land and abundant natural resources. During these early years Outreach became known as an agricultural exporter however tourism became the mainstay of the planet's economy after it played host to the Star League Martial Olympiads in 2704. Outreach's tourism industry withered following the collapse of the Star League which forced many inhabitants to emigrate.

First Succession War

Outreach came under Capellan control in 2786, the last of fifteen Terran Hegemony worlds to be annexed by the Capellan Confederation before the First Succession War began in earnest.[20] In late 2787 Captain-General Kenyon Marik launched an invasion of the Confederation, intent on capturing a corridor of worlds leading to Sarna. Having quickly seized Corey and Wazan, the Free Worlds League faced a two-year struggle to hold both worlds as the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces attempted to get reinforcements to both worlds. Chancellor Barbara Liao ordered an attack on New Delos, a major Free Worlds League Military staging ground, which disrupted supply lines, communications and repair facilities and killed twenty thousand civilians. In retaliation - and in an attempt to disrupt the flow of reinforcements to Corey and Wazan - Kenyon Marik ordered attacks on a number of Capellan worlds including Outreach that saw the planets firebombed, with the attacks continuing until the Capellans were forced on the defensive following a failed attack on Calloway VI in 2789.[21]

Fourth Succession War

Following negotiations between Colonel Pavel Ridzik, chief military advisor to Chancellor Maximillian Liao, and AFFS Lieutenant General Ardan Sortek, conducted in February 3029 Ridzik created a new nation, the Tikonov Free Republic. The Republic was created by incorporating those worlds of the Tikonov Commonality that hadn't already been conquered during the first half of the Fourth Succession War. Ridzik returned to Elgin, the new capital of the Tikonov Free Republic, on the 3rd of March 3029 and swiftly began implementing a new government consisting of family members, friends and other appointees loyal to himself, purging dissident elements on the various Republic worlds and taking the opportunity to settle old scores. Outreach was one of the systems incorporated into the Republic.[14] Outreach's fortunes continued to decline until First Prince Hanse Davion granted Outreach to Wolf's Dragoons who were considered one of the most famous and formidable mercenary units in the Inner Sphere. This heralded a renaissance for Outreach as the Dragoons transformed it into the center of mercenary trade for the entire Inner Sphere.

Due to the presence of Dragoons and their state-of-the-art defenses monitoring all incoming traffic, the planet became an island of calm after the Sarna March collapsed into the so-called Chaos March. In response to the increasing influence of the fanatical ComStar off shoot the Word of Blake in the Chaos March the Dragoons formed the Allied Mercenary Command. Blakist supported mercenary units staged a rebellion which heavily damaged the Dragoons and Outreach's facilities. On the 26th December 3067 during the Word of Blake Jihad, the planet suffered terribly from nuclear orbital bombardment which crippled both the mercenary unit and their homeworld.[22][23] Blakist forces patrolled the ruins until being forced off-world by the reborn Black Widow Company.

Map of Planetary Capital, Harlech City - 3056

Jihad Era

Battles of Outreach

First Battle of Outreach

Or First Harlech.

On October the 15th 3067 the Waco Rangers, Smithson's Chinese Bandits, the 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers, and the Tiger Sharks (4 mech regiments with support units) launched a well coordinated assault on the Wolf's Dragoons.

  • Smithson’s Chinese Bandits bombarded the Drop Port and Home Guard base.
  • Waco's Rangers and Smithson's Chinese Bandits ground forces landed at Teptown and then moved to assault Harlech.
  • Tiger Sharks returned from a training cycle to join the attack against the AMC forces alongside the 51st Dark Panzer Jaegers.

AMC Forces included; the Dragoon's Wolf Spiders Battalion, Zeta Battalion, Beta and Epsilon regiments. the Broadsword Legion was hired to aid in the defense. Other disparate mercenary units stationed on Outreach at the time of the assault joined either side as they saw fit.

Early on the morning of October 15, a small force detached from the Fifty-first Dark Panzer Jaegers attempted to intercept and kill Dameon Guillome, VP of Logistics for GM-Blackwell, and his staff. While returning to the downtown headquarters of GM-Blackwell, he was alerted by security of a small force bearing down on the building. Reacting quickly, the staff negotiated a verbal contract with a small group of mercenaries who had arrived that morning for a meeting with Hugh Farragut, lead archeologist on the Remus Dig Project. The mercenaries held of the Jaegers long enough for Mr. Guillome to leave Harlech and make it to Blackwell's secured corporate complex on Romulus. Intercepted comm logs – turned over by the mercenary heroes who recorded the transmissions – revealed later that the Jaegers had a list of high-level GM-Blackwell administrators slated as "targets". With this new evidence, it is now understood that Blackwell Chief Financial Officer Thomas Crown, who perished when his penthouse apartment suffered damage from an errant missile strike, was actually a target and not a victim of an unfortunate accident.[24]

Only the timely intervention of the Dragoons' Zeta Battalion stopped the rampant killing. The Wolf Spiders and Zeta Battalion fought the attackers and briefly secured the DropPort. Commander Jaime Wolf, coordinating operations from multiple command centers launched a counter-assault in conjunction with elements of Beta and Epsilon regiments recalled from Remus, to finally contain the renegade threat.

Converging from three directions, the Dragoons caught most of Waco's forces in a classic encirclement. Each side fought fiercely, with quarter neither asked nor given. In a climatic battle, Wayne Waco led a company of 'Mechs against Wolf's lance in the shadow of the destroyed Hiring Hall. In the end, Commander Wolf and his lance destroyed all Waco's forces, fighting the renegades to the death. Jaime Wolf finished the battle on his own, bringing down Waco's command even while dying from mortal wounds. Wolf's Archer, battle-ravaged and surrounded by a field of destroyed 'Mechs, was still on its feet when allied forces finally made it to the scene, the ruins of Colonel Waco's BattleMaster sprawled before it.

Commander Wolf's death seemed to galvanize the Dragoons, whose counteroffensive gained the strength and character of a controlled berserker fury, a bloody no-mercy policy that Dragoons officials identified as "Condition Feral". In less than a day, the Dragoons swept Harlech clean of the last renegade forces in a brutal action. No further renegade activity was reported since then, and even the looting one might expect after such devastation had been minimal in the past 48 hours.[25]

In the four days of heavy fighting the Home Guard and the Epsilon Regiment were destroyed while other defending units suffered heavy casualties.

Battle of Mars

A counter strike by the AMC against the Word of Blake forces on Mars ended in disaster as the AMC forces were intercepted in orbit and largely destroyed. The units wiped in the ill-fated assault were Beta Regiment, Zeta Battalion, and a battalion of Home Guard, along with the Second Dismal Disinherited and Lindon's Battalion.

Second Battle of Outreach

Or Second Harlech.

The Word of Blake retaliated with a major assault on Outreach, this time with the goal of destroying the Dragoons. The assault began on the 20th of December when a Blakist force jumped into the Outreach system and destroyed the Dragoon's two defending Lola III-class WarShips, the WDS Darius and the WDS Nelson plus both of the planetary orbital stations, Horatio and Mercutio[26]. The Blakist naval vessels then destroyed the Outreach orbital stations; the flagship of the Dragoon's naval forces, the Aegis-class heavy cruiser WDS Alexander, then attempted a last-ditch defense, but was unable to hold off the Word of Blake forces.[27] A news broadcast from Wayne Newman of the Harlech News Network, who was embedded on the polar-orbit station Mercutio identified the attackers as Blakist forces, and identified the WarShip squadron as consisting of a Black Lion-class battlecruiser, an Aegis, two Essex-class destroyers and two Lola IIIs.[28][29] While the Blakists operated three Black Lions, six Essexes and up to eight Aegis during the course of the Jihad, only two Lola IIIs were identified within the Blakist fleet - the WoBS Faith's End and her sister ship WoBS End of Wisdom.[30]

In the final actions of the battle the Broadsword Legion turned on its erstwhile allies and inflicted serious damage on the Wolf Spider Battalion suffering crippling losses in the process.

A day after the naval assault the Word of Blake began a ground assault on Outreach.[27] Despite the betrayal by the Broadsword Legion, the Dragoons were able to rally and, at one point, pushed the Blakist invaders to the point of collapse. When it was determined victory would not come through a ground battle alone, Precentor Shin-Ichi Yoshizumi from the 1st Word of Blake Division executed their optional orders: the Blakist Warships launched nuclear strikes against the Dragoons[31]; the forces the Dragoons and their allies had on the continent of Romulus were apparently heavily damaged, while those on Remus were completely destroyed by the bombardment.[27] General Maeve Wolf gathered what survivors she could and evacuated with the assistance of Clan Wolf-in-Exile and the Kell Hounds, finding sanctuary on Arc-Royal.[32] The WDS Alexander was destroyed covering the retreat called by General Wolf on the 26th of December, and with the destruction of the Alexander, five of the six WarShips operated by Wolf's Dragoons had been lost in action against the Word of Blake in less than three weeks. Despite the bombardment of Outreach and the general retreat by the Dragoons and their remaining allies, the Word of Blake began a blockade of the planet.[27]

Despite the blockade, a task force from Clan Wolf-in-Exile left for Outreach on the 20th of March and fought through fierce resistance from the Blakist forces to extract more than two dozen Dragoons and scores of civilian survivors from the remains of the planet.[33]

The Word of Blake domination Years

The remnants of the Broadsword Legion and the mercenary unit Wannamaker's Widowmakers remained to garrison Outreach through out 3068-3071.

Elson Novacat lead a guerrilla campaign against the Blakists and led the team that liberated former Zeta Battalion commander Tara Lucas, one of the few survivors of the failed Mars expedition. When Novacat was killed in March 3070, Lucas assumed control of the resistance.[31]

A month later, the resurrected Black Widow Company under Stacy Church crash-landed in the ruins of Harlech City. She linked up with the resistance and provided much-needed supplies and manpower.[31]

In December of 3071, Tara Lucas was critically wounded in battle, and Stacy Church assumed command of the resistance. They freed more Dragoon civilians and captured a Union-class DropShip. In January 3072 Church and several Dragoons made a daring escape and left Outreach just as the Word's Opacus Venatori arrived to hunt them down. Outreach was left with a few resistance fighters under a recovering Tara Lucas. She lead a cell known as the Four Horsemen that dedicated all their efforts to terrorize the occupying forces. The unrelenting insurgency demoralized Wannamaker's Widowmakers, who felt that their employers had largely abandoned them. Outreach became a war of attrition, both in terms of morale and materials.[31]


What was left of Outreach was liberated by forces from the Free Worlds front of the allied coalition on the 21st of November 3077. The forces led by Alys Rousset-Marik found that the Word had left Outreach a scorched, ruined world.[34] The industries that had made Outreach one of the most technologically advanced worlds in the Inner Sphere had been destroyed, the Outreach of 3077 had trouble producing 21st century items. The population was a fraction of its number a decade before, but despite savage Blakist repercussions against the citizens of Outreach, the population had constantly resisted attempts to bring Outreach into the Word of Blake Protectorate. The Blakists had singularly failed to build a functioning government, and had instead resorted to trying to destroy every vestige of Wolf's Dragoons.[35]

Reports from the planet indicated that the civilian population had resisted the Word of Blake right down to the individual level; men and women questioned by the Blakists would invariably give their name as Jaime Wolf or Natasha Kerensky, while Wannamaker's Widowmakers - the Blakist garrison on Outreach for years - suffered heavy casualties over the course of a decade at the hands of a rebel group named the Four Horsemen, led by an individual using the name Tara Lucas. Evidence of the lengths the Word of Blake went to as they tried to break the spirit of the population were found everywhere on Outreach; one example quoted in the interstellar media was of a reeducation north of New Wyatt, where the prisoners labored day in, day out digging a trench that spiraled outwards from the reeducation camp, into which the bodies of the dead were thrown and left unburied. The media described the sheer volume of remains found at the site as "mind numbing."[35]

The Dark Age

Outreach had been left no longer suitable for habitation due to the hard ionizing radiation from the nuclear strikes, the world had undergone little surface reconstruction. Domed cities have since been constructed, fostering underground communities. The world still relies heavily on Republic subsidies for its rebuilding efforts.[31]

Despite the devastation inflicted on Outreach during the Jihad, a small segment of the population continued to live on Outreach. The Word of Blake had comprehensively sterilized the continent of Remus by nuclear bombardment, while every major city on the continent of Romulus had been bombarded by BattleMechs and from orbit by WarShips. The damage inflicted on the world was such that in the thirty-second century Outreach was little more than a marginally-habitable rock. The Argosyan Sea, the single large body of water on the planet, was saturated with fallout; Lake Kearny, once the largest freshwater body on the planet had been reduced to a basin of hard-baked clay. Little vegetation was capable of growing on Romulus, and the farming and business that took place there did so in cities that were either subterranean or contained under domes. The new planetary capital, New Kearny, was constructed in a largely-subterranean fashion and was built from the ruins of Harlech on the edge of Lake Kearny. Air and water purifiers were imported from off-world to enable people to survive, and struggled as they attempted to remove the worst of the harmful contaminants from the air and water. New Kearny was home to almost half of the planetary population by 3130; the spaceport constructed on the outskirts of New Kearny was dedicated as the Jaime Wolf Memorial Interplanetary Spaceport, in honor of the man who ushered in a new era for Outreach after the Fourth Succession war.[1]

After Gray Monday, Outreach found itself in the odd position of once again becoming a nexus of mercenary hiring activity - not at the same levels as Galatea, but enough that Outreach was soon a nexus for hiring.[36] In June 3132 a contingent from the faction known as the Spirit Cats arrived on Outreach, claiming and settling in a region of Remus known previously as the Outback. The reason for the Spirit Cats' arrival on Outreach remained unknown for a number of years afterwards,[37] but elements of Wolf's Dragoons assisted the Spirit Cats with the capture of Outreach.[38]


Outreach contains twin continents, named Romulus and Remus. Romulus contained the planetary capital, Harlech, as well as all of the major cities and commercial enterprises. A mountain range known as the Ridge bisects Romulus, and outside of the cities, the continent's countryside turned into small farms and lightly forested hills prior to the devastation of the Jihad. Remus, once known as the Outback, was the private hold of Wolf's Dragoons. The mercenary unit maintained a headquarters and training facilities on this arid desert continent. The entire planet enjoyed a warm, temperate climate all year round.

Military Deployment





  • Wolf's Dragoons[41]
  • Beta Regiment[41]
  • Black Widow Battalion (until September)[41]


  • Wolf's Dragoons[41]
  • Alpha Regiment[41]
  • Beta Regiment[41]
  • Gamma Provisional Regiment[41]
  • Delta Provisional Regiment[41]
  • Epsilon Provisional Regiment[41]
  • Zeta Provisional Battalion[41]
  • Black Widow Battalion[41]


  • Wolf's Dragoons[42]


  • Wolf's Dragoons[2]



  • Broadsword Legion[44]


Manufacturing Centers

Outreach World Map

Planetary Locations

  • Harlech City: Capital of Outreach.[46]
  • Harlech Interplanetary DropPort: Major DropPort of Outreach.[46]
  • Dragoons Housing Center: The barracks housing the warriors and families of nearly every Dragoon force on planet.[46]
  • Garrett River.[46]
  • Dragoons Command and Control Center[25]
  • Mercenary Hiring Hall[25]

Nearby Systems

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Brownsville 14.39 Carver V 16.29 Capolla 17.83 Hall 20.42 Elgin 20.93
Hechnar 22.28 Procyon 25.56 Terra Firma 26.63 Mandal 27.09 Sirius 27.38
Hsien 28.44 Keid 30.76 Talitha 31.02 New Home 32.31 Epsilon Eridani 34.89
Tall Trees 35.93 Tyrfing 36.31 Van Diemen IV 36.703 Wasat 36.704 Rigil Kentarus 37.49
Bryant 37.74 Terra 37.79 Menkalinan 39.75 Saiph 41.09 Nanking 42.91
Graham IV 44.72 Acamar 46.53 Bex 46.86 Berenson 47.04 New Earth 47.05
Pollux 47.57 Belluevue 48.27 Woodstock 49.37 New Canton 49.63 Killbourn 49.81
Caph 50.15 Alula Australis 51.19 Epsilon Indi 51.44 Zurich 51.69 Devil's Rock 52.47
New Stevens 54.06 Kristiandsund 54.92 Castor 55.33 Oliver 56.36 Connaught 56.86
Sheratan 57.13 Aldebaran 57.65


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