Pesht Motors

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Pesht Motors was one of the Draconis Combine largest manfacturer of civilian vehicles. In the Jihad the company expanded to producing military combat vehicles.


Pesht Motors was suspected in sabotaging a compentitor's new WiGE civilian transport when the appeared to be entering Pesht's civilian market in 3061. Though evidence pointed to the company, no action were taken.[1]

However, in Pesht Motor's plants came under attack by Word of Blake forces. With raid in 3069, which was stopped, however the Pesht based plant was destroyed by nuclear weaponry in 3071. This left the company with smaller manfacturing site on Unity.[2]

Manfacturing Information

Pesht Motors has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Pesht:

Component Type
Hiryo Armored Infantry Transport WiGE
Windstreak Z70 Civilian Vehicle Hover Support Vehicle


Components produced on Unity:

Component Type
Hiryo Military Transport WiGE
Turhan Urban Combat Vehicle[3]


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