Peter Davion (30th c.)

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Peter Davion II
Born 2899
Died 2961
Affiliation House Davion
Profession First Prince of the Federated Suns
Parents Joseph Davion II (father)
Olga Zhukoff (mother)
Spouse Patricia MacPherson
Children Andrew Davion


Peter Davion (Born 2899 – Died 2961)[1] became First Prince of the Federated Suns in 2931 after his father, Joseph Davion II, abdicated due to severe injuries he had sustained in battle. Peter displayed a distinctly different leadership style than his forebears. He rarely took to the battlefield, instead focusing on the responsibilities of the government. One issue which worried him was the considerable influence of ennobled MechWarriors. To deal with this, Peter carried out a number of reforms to curtail their power though he was careful not to frighten the nobility.

One of the biggest steps he took was the elevation in status of Aerospace Fighters. Prince Peter granted money, titles and special military honors to the pilots. After the Battle of Lee, the so-called Great Lee Turkey Shoot, in which Prince Peter directly participated, he credited the victory over the Capellan Confederation to the Aerospace Fighters.

Peter then began to purge the AFFS of MechWarriors who had spoken out against him. As a result many of them joined the Warrior's Cabal, a powerful group of MechWarriors. Though his advisers urged caution, Peter was confident that the high status of his Aerospace Fighters would shield him. In 2961, Prince Peter visited the planet Breed to dismiss certain rebellious officers. One of these officers, Colonel Jeffrey Dempsey, orchestrated an attack on the Prince as he approached Dempsey's headquarters. Five BattleMechs ambushed Prince Peter's vehicle, and he was killed instantly. Peter's assassination was announced to the public by his son Andrew Davion, who succeeded him as First Prince.


We will not win this war through attrition. Too many other warlords have tried and failed with the strategy of exhaustion. A subtler strategy will win this war, and one day the Sunburst will fly over a united League.
  — Prince Peter Davion, quoted from The New Davions: Politics Over PPCs, by Duke Reginald Timons, Avalon Press, 2955[2]

Title and Position

Preceded by
Joseph Davion II
First Prince of the Federated Suns

Succeeded by
Andrew Davion

29312961Joseph Davion IIFirst Prince


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