Plasco Walking Tree

Plasco Walking Tree
Creature information
Type Tree
Homeworld Jiddah[1]
Environment Mangrove Forests[1]
Average mass 3000 kg [2]


The Plasco Walking Tree is a species of ambulatory tree found on Jiddah. Plasco walking trees have hydrophilic buds that sense nearby water sources, and a complex set of water chambers inside the plants allow their roots to move unthinkingly towards detected water. The trees can reach speeds of up to twenty kilometers per hour, damaging all that stands in their path.[1]

The relentless, unthinking movement of walking trees, combined with their ability to sense municipal water and sewage lines, made them a threat to local settlements. Many towns and cities on Jiddah built moats that could be flooded to redirect roving trees.[1]

Plasco walking trees also served as a tourist attraction. Some entrepreneurs organized moving forests or oversaw races of sorts between trees.[1]


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