Pleiades Crusade

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The conflict had its roots in the latter phase of the FedCom civil war. A mercenary unit - DeMaestri’s Sluggers - made a jump via a pirate point directly to the capital world of Taurus. The defenders believed they were being invaded by the entire AFFS, though this has been disputed. The regiment was annihilated by the combined strength of the Taurian Guards Corps. The few survivors told the Taurian officials during interrogation that the High Command of the Davion military knew about the route to Taurus from a traitor for decades. The TDF started border raids and had some success, because the FedCom civil war left the border weakened. Their gains were lost after the Capellan March responded in full force. The Crusade evolved into a longtime border conflict over the decades.[1]


Planet TDF Unit Fedsun Unit Outcome
Taurus DeMaestri’s Sluggers, Fighting Urukhai Taurian Guards The mercenaries departed from the Federated Suns and sought employment with the TDF. When their ships entered Taurian territory, the fleet was destroyed by defenders. The mercenaries restarted the assault on Taurus with the goal to avenge their fallen comrades in mind. The mercenaries got desperate and destroyed all weapons they could find, regardless whether they were civilian or military. The defending Taurian Guards fought back furiously; as a result, many warriors were executed while their allies were retreating off-world with unknown destinies.[2]
Hyalite 2nd Albion Training Cadre
Midale Concordat Commandos[3] 3rd Ceti Hussars
Brockway Hyades Light Infantry[4] 3rd Ceti Hussars
Bromhead 2nd Taurian Lancers (later Red Chasseurs) Hansen's Roughriders The fighting for the planet was fierce. The assaulting Taurians had a difficult time pinning the mercenaries in place. Their fruitless actions and high casualties made their situation even worse. After losing 12 machines to infantry, the Lancers opened fire on everyone, even civilians and retreating troops. The fight ended in a bloodbath.[5]
The relief force was a combined taskforce of the 3rd Hussars and the Lexington Combat Group. The reconquest was swift, because the outnumbered Taurians could not react quickly enough.[4]
Lindsay Pleiades Lancers Hansen's Roughriders, 3rd Ceti Hussars[4] After Hansen got a message about the Bromhead Massacre, he sought revenge. Knowing that the Lancers were on Lindsay he commanded that they would leave no survivors.[5]


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