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This page is intended to demonstrate a potential pattern for a portal page. The section structure, along with comments in italics, indicate the general pattern/template. The regaulr type text is a set of example text, in this cased geared towards the topic of fiction. But this pattern is intended to apply to other areas as well.


An introduction to the area of the wiki along with a definition of any key terms.

A wide variety of narrative fiction, including novels, comics, and short stories, have been published concerning the BattleTech universe. The earliest appearing BattleTech novel was Decision at Thunder Rift, published in June 1986. Short stories have been published is various formats, sometimes individually, sometimes incorporated into various box sets, or incorporated as additional atmosphere within various rulebooks and sourcebooks, or through online subscription services. One of the earliest anthologies was Shrapnel, published in 1988.

BattleTech fiction currently encompassess over nnn novels and nnn short stories. It reflects the creative efforts of over nnn authors and over a nnn different publishers.

Note: It may be appropriate to add a note explaining how sourcebooks relate to fiction. While sourcebooks are typically written from a fictional in-universe perspective, some with a more view geared towards gameplay data and others more for the purpose of lore and world building, they somehow comprise a different genre.

Various terms exist to classify fiction according to length and other features. The following terms, which are consistent with (referemce) are as follows:

  • Novel Narrative fiction generally having more than 40,000 words.
  • Short Fiction Narrative fiction generally having less than 40,000 words.
    • Novella Short fiction generally having 17,500 to 40,000 words.
    • Novelette Short fiction generally having 7,500 to 17,500 words.
    • Short Story Short fiction generally having less that 7,500 words.

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