Project Phoenix

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This article is about the research project. For the technical readout, see Technical Readout: Project Phoenix.


Somewhat inaccurately called "the first serious research into 'Mech technology in almost a century", Project Phoenix was the codename for a research project carried out by Federated Suns at the Friden Aerospace Park research facility on Hoff from approximately October 3020 up until the site came under attack on 13th May 3022.

Project Phoenix yielded two new BattleMech designs: Over the course of eighteen months, a team of scientists and engineers including Dr. Jorge Belasco had devised the 25-ton Super Wasp and the 60-ton Super Griffin here, evolutions of their classic namesake designs. They had also constructed three functional prototypes of the former and one of the latter design.

Concurrently with the new 'Mech designs, experimental Double Heat Sinks had been developed (although it is unclear whether this was also part of Project Phoenix, or an independent project) which were included in the new Super Griffin design, and were also dealt out as refits to the local defenders. These double heat sinks were notable because, unlike regular double heat sinks, they could be combined with regular heat sinks.

Hoping to capture new technology, the Draconis Combine attacked Hoff supported by the mercenary unit Wolf's Dragoons in April 3022. On May 13th, elements of the Black Widow Company pushed through the defenders and attacked the research facility while it was being evacuated. The existing Super Wasps and the Super Griffin were deployed as a last line of defense, and were destroyed in the fighting.[1]

After the fighting on Hoff, neither the new 'Mech designs nor the experimental heat sinks were ever seen or heard of again, suggesting that the research results were lost to both House Davion and House Kurita over the course of the battles, or that they proved not viable for mass production for one reason or another.

Since the Hatchetman was hailed as the first completely new BattleMech design to enter production in the Successor States (entering production in 3023) it can be assumed that the Super Wasp and Super Griffin never entered regular production. It should also be noted that the first totally new 'Mech to be produced in the Inner Sphere in over a century was actually the Merlin, which entered production in 3010 in the Periphery (and not a Successor State).


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