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Protectorate of Donegal

Protectorate of Donegal
State Profile
Founding Year 2313
Dissolution year: 2340 (as nation)
3040 (as region)
Capital world: Donegal
Controlled system(s): 25 (2341)[1]
Head of State Leader
Army Donegal Guards[2]

The Protectorate of Donegal was an early pre–Age of War Inner Sphere interstellar power. It served as a proto-state to the future Lyran Commonwealth. It existed from 2313 to 2341 before being a founding member of that nascent state.

The Protectorate term was later used in an official capacity to describe a much larger region within the Commonwealth borders.

History and Description

This nation was founded by Seth Marsden in 2313, who had used his interstellar commerce company known as Donegal Freights and Goods to help forge political ties with neighboring worlds. The nation was strong in raw resources, but weak in industry due to the youth of the colonized worlds surrounding its capital of Donegal.

After the formation of the Terran Hegemony, the Protectorate signed a defense pact with them. This enabled the Protectorate to embark on ambitious exploration and expansion programs, which ultimately helped double the size of the realm.[3]

By the 2330s, many interstellar nations were merging, forming stronger unions. Donegal's neighboring nations, the Tamar Pact and the Federation of Skye, were under pressures of their own at the time. The Pact was worried about the warlike Draconis Combine and the Federation was using up its natural resources at an alarming rate. Tamar Pact leader Kevin Tamar called for a meeting on his world of Arcturus, with Leader Robert Marsden and the Federation's President Thomas McQuiston. There, in 2341, the three chose to merge and form the Lyran Commonwealth.[4]

After the ascension of Archon Robert Marsden to the Lyran Archonhood, the Protectorate of Donegal became a region of the Lyran nation, subdivided into four regions: the Alarion Province, Coventry Province, Furillo Province (which became the Bolan Province during the Third Succession War) and the District of Donegal. [5][6]

The formation of the Federated Commonwealth marked the end of the Protectorate as an official region of the Commonwealth. Most of the Protectorate was divided up between the new Donegal, Periphery and Tamarind Marches, though some Protectorate worlds near Trellshire joined the Tamar March.[7]




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