ProtoMech Quad Melee Weapon System

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The ProtoMech Quad Melee Weapon System (MWS) was first developed in 3064 by The Society. Similar in purpose to the Talons and Claws used in the Solaris VII arenas, the Melee Weapon System is designed to add damage to a ProtoMech's physical attacks. First deployed in 3066 the Melee Weapon System is added to ProtoMechs as a series of claws, tusks, talons, horns, or slashing tail. These modifications are more than cosmetic, inflicting damage on enemy units. Another benefit however is how their appearance can affect enemy troops.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

The ProtoMech Quad Melee Weapon System weighs one ton, and must be mounted in the Torso location. It is Advanced Technology and is only available to Quad ProtoMechs. For every five tons (or fraction of five tons) the ProtoMech QMWS adds two points of damage to a Frenzy attack. A critical hit to the system renders the entire Melee System useless.[1]


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