Ral Merik

Ral Merik
Character Profile
Died 2452
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Profession General


Ral Merik was the commanding officer of Merik's Grenadiers in 2451.[1][2]

In June or July 2451 Chancellor Duncan Liao took bad advice from counsellors concerned with the growing influence of Turkish General Ral Merik and commanding officer of Merik's Grenadiers. In an attempt to limit Merik's influence by reducing the size of the Grenadiers by half, Duncan instead prompted Merik and his command to mutiny. The Grenadiers staged a revolt that was planned and executed well, and led to them capturing Duncan Liao in his winter palace and holding him hostage.[1][2] After taking Chancellor Liao captive, General Merik appointed himself ruler of the Capellan Confederation. He bestowed upon himself and his unit the title of the "Time of Protectors of the State". His era of rule soon became known as the "Time of Tribulation".[1]

These triggered what was called in the Capellan Confederation as the Merik's Grenadiers' Revolt.

In February 2452 Duncan committed suicide, hence liberating her sister to act. Jasmine Liao swiftly declared herself Chancellor.[1] Within an hour, Jasmine had ordered the Second Hexare Lancers[1] - the regiment she commanded as Colonel[2] - into battle against the Grenadiers. The Lancers would fight against the Grenadiers for two days, with Jasmine repeatedly refusing requests from the Grenadiers to surrender. By the 1st of March the Grenadiers had been wiped out.[1][2]

Death and Legacy

Ral Merik's revolt made Jasmine Liao reform CCAF military by purging it of its military hierarchy. This purge would be known as the 2nd of Time of Tribulation, as two years would come and go with hundreds of officers put on trial as traitors and put to death. She then took command of nation's divisional and sector commands into the Chancellorship, and as of 2455 that military commander may attain rank higher than Colonel.[1]


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