Randy Race

Randy Race
Mixed martial arts commentator

Lieutenant Randy Race was a Mercenary MechWarrior, and later celebrity mixed martial arts commentator, during the Jihad era.[1]


The commander of a small Lance sized mercenary command during the Word of Blake Jihad, mostly comprised of Primitive BattleMechs, during the early part of his career Race drifted from one small contract to another. However he hit the bigtime with a contract to provide rear area security for Stone's Coalition during Operation SCOUR.

While defending a repair depot, Race's Lance was attacked by a Manei Domini special forces team, which by the odds should have spelled their end. Race however, driven by sheer will, fought well beyond expectations as the rest of his Lance fell. Poor quality amateur footage of his feat of arms, including ripping open a Nephilim battle armor with his 'Mechs hands, became a mainstay of Coalition propaganda.

Following the Jihad Race used his celebrity to land a role as a mixed martial arts commentator.[1]


Race was known to have piloted a Chameleon BattleMech.[1]


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