Record Book Twelve: UK & US Newsletter Mechs

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MFUK Record Sheets Twelve
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development Bob Nicholls
Primary writing Jos Williams & Phil Johansson
Pages 54
Illustrations N/A
Publication information
Publisher MechForce United Kingdom
First published 1999


MFUK Record Sheets Twelve contains record sheets originally printed in editions of Comnet and MechForce Quarterly. As well as the record sheet a Battle Value (1.0) is also included for each unit. Although titled Newsletter Mechs the book also included 12 vehicle record sheets.


  • BattleMechs
Cannonball CNB-1
Redcap RCMP-1
Kite KT-1E
Rattlesnake JN7-31
Prowler PWL-R6
Pulsar PLR-5A
Pulsar PLR-6A
Dervish IIC
Ranger RGR-7A
Champion CHP-1N
Thunderbolt TDR-9W
Riflebear GB
Shortbow ARC-2SB
Cossack MADCOS-3C
Paris PA-1S
Paris PA-2S
Hatamoto-Chi 3060
Rifleman IIA
Rifleman IIB
Dreadnought MkI
Ironclad MkII
Full Metal Jacket MkIII
Monitor MkIIIC
Highlander IIC
Bane SRM
Battlerider BR-3K
JagerMech IIC-V2
Katyusha 1A
Katyusha 1B
Kodiak GB
Ragnarok RGK-Mk1
Stone Rhino V2
Zeus ZEU-X
  • Vehicles
Spartha Recon Hover
Martiobarbuli SP
Bulldog IIC
Goblin IIC APC
Patton IIC MBT
Rommel IIC MBT
Dominator A
Dominator B
Plainsmaster Hover
Hammer Assault Hover
Michaelson Scout VTOL
Michaelson Attack VTOL