Reginald Marik (31st c.)

Reginald Marik
Also known as Reginald Brett-Marik
Born 3011
Affiliation House Marik
Parents Jeremy Brett (father)
Therese Marik (mother)
Siblings Photon Brett-Marik

Reginald Marik (b 3011[1] — d. 3???) (also known as Reginald Brett-Marik) was the eldest son of Therese Marik and Jeremy Brett. He served as the Duchy of Tamarind liaison to Devlin Stone during the Jihad.


Great Debate

Reginald supported his cousin Alys Rousset-Marik when she began the Great Debate in 3067. Reginald had no ambition to take the position of Captain-General, but did support Alys when she suggested that the Free Worlds League Parliament declare "the crisis" over, thus ending Resolution 288.[2] Alys's motion was ultimately unsuccessful, leaving Thomas Marik in power.


Following his mother's decision to break the Duchy of Tamarind away from the rest of the Free Worlds League amid the Word of Blake's Jihad, Reginald was given the task of coordinating with Alys and the Free Worlds Resistance. He joined her on Arc-Royal in 3073 to attend a conference representing most of the Inner Sphere powers. He was attending the conference as one of the delegates when it was bombed, though he survived.[3][4]

Political beliefs

Reginald is not one for the spotlight. He prefers to work in the background and let others receive the accolades.[5]


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