Republic of the Barrens

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The Republic of the Barrens is a microstate in the Barrens region.

Republic of the Barrens
State Profile
Founding Year 3086[1]
Capital world: Gustrell[2]
Controlled system(s): 5 (in 3086)[1]


In 3085, following a rebellion on Ferris, Clan Hell's Horses abandoned the Barrens region.[1] Left without support and fearing what might befall them, in 3086[1] the worlds of The Rock[1], Drask's Den[1], Paulus Prime[1], Crellacor[1] and Gustrell[1] negotiated to form a union[1]. Drawing inspiration from the Clans and more ancient sources, the new Republic would maintain the caste system, but ensure that no caste ruled over the others[1]. Instead each caste on each world would elect representatives to a senate, which would collectively govern the Republic[1]. Lacking a strong military, the Republic adopted a pacifist stance, but was repeatedly attacked by the Oberon Confederation and Ferris Collective.[1] The Hell's Horses came to consider the Republic a useful buffer state, and were more receptive than other powers to calls for aid[1].

In the 3140s, an unknown supplier upset the balance of power in the Barrens by providing the Oberon Confederation with BattleMechs, enabling them to make gains at the Republic's expense[3]. Crellacor was overrun by Confederation forces in 3144[4], with Gustrell falling in 3147[4]. Clan Hell's Horses intervention was delayed by concerns on other fronts until December 3150[4], when the 12th Rangers Cluster[2] were dispatched to assist the Republic. Crellacor and Gustrell were promptly recaptured[2].


The Republic's Warrior Caste was mentored by Clan Hell's Horses, who provided the Republic with ten trinaries of tanks in the decade after it's formation.[1] The downside of the Horse's assistance was their encouraging the fledgling Warriors to consider themselves above the other castes, creating a risk of coup.[1]


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