Richard Amaris

Richard Amaris
Character Profile
Died 2619[1]
Affiliation House Amaris
Rank Colonel[2]
Title(s) President
Profession Noble
Parents Gregory Amaris (father)
Children Amanda Amaris
Jeffrey Amaris

Richard Amaris was the first president of the Rim Worlds Republic, overthrowing the military junta that deposed his father in the wake of the Reunification War.


The son of First Consul Gregory Amaris, Colonel Richard Amaris was the commanding officer of the Republican Guards by 2581.[2]

Richard was surprised he and his family would survive the 11 August 2599 coup by Admiral Hakim Wbika a mere three years after the conclusion of the Reunification War. Instead, Richard was selected as the figurehead of Wbika's junta as a means of ensuring a peaceful transition, styled now as President rather than First Consul. Despite having fought for decades to restore his father to power, the Star League chose to view Gregory's removal as an internal matter, leaving Wbika and his junta to remain the new government of the Republic.[3][4][5]

While the junta were safe from external attack, Richard Amaris had no intention of remaining a puppet of Wbika and his handpicked staff. Though Amaris would dutifully carry out Wbika's "advice," he was merely biding time while he studied the weaknesses of the junta members and established relationships both in and outside the Rim Worlds to launch a countercoup. Focusing on Wbika's chief aide General Samuel Macao, who was highly capable but also petty and unable to control his violent temper, Richard slowly engineered obstructions and miscommunication among the members of the junta that ultimately triggered Macao to angrily turn on Wbika in 2604. When Macao began shouting at Wbika, it was the signal to the guards loyal to Amaris to purge the palace of junta members. Amaris himself would shoot Wbika and his aide, returning the Republic to the control of House Amaris. He would later write in his memoirs that the most exquisite moment of his life was when he heard Macao himself unwittingly giving the signal for the coup and his execution.[4][6]

Ruling over the Rim Worlds Republic for fifteen years with an iron fist, Richard died of a brain fever in 2619 and was succeeded as president by his daughter Amanda.[1]


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