Rodrigo Avellar

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Rodrigo Avellar
Character Profile
Died 2628
Affiliation House Avellar
Position President

Rodrigo Avellar was an early twenty-seventh-century ruler of the Outworlds Alliance.


Rodrigo was elevated to the office of the President as a direct result of the machinations of a group of Kuritan investors after the discovery in 2600 that the then-President, Barton Avellar, was attempting to manipulate business interests in both the Draconis Combine and Federated Suns for the benefit of the Alliance. Rodrigo was the cousin of Barton, and the nephew of Grigori Avellar, who had been President of the Alliance before Barton.[1]

Expected to be inexperienced and easily manipulated, Rodrigo quickly disabused the various vested interests of this notion through his shrewd use of Alliance and Star League law to systematically strip them of their influence within the Alliance, and then through his successful implementation of the same strategies his predecessor had tried to use, only with no pretense of being covert in his behavior. Through fiscal and trade policies that offered favorable terms to those investing in the Outworlds Alliance while simultaneously rejecting completely any deals that would bring profit to the Combine, Rodrigo revitalized the Alliance economy and brought more business and financial capital into his realm.[1]

Rodrigo's innovative fiscal policies strengthened the Outworlds economy and managed to obtain important concessions from the Star League Council; in 2607 he achieved his greatest successes for the Alliance by extending most-favored-nation trade status to both the Draconis Combine and Federated Suns, having ignored the Combine for seven years. This won him the support of both the Coordinator and the First Prince within the Star League Council long enough to gain an exemption for Outworlds Alliance citizens from service in the Star League Defense Force. He followed this up by convincing the First Lord to remove the last of the SLDF peacekeepers that had occupied the Alliance since the end of the war as the Outworlds Alliance Army of Occupation.[1]

Following his death in 2628 Rodrigo was honored with a thirty day period of mourning before the confirmation of his successor.[citation needed]


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