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Character Profile
Affiliation Ikhwan Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

History & Tactics[edit]

Rukaya is the only female gladiator, and requested admission to join the stable soon after Benjamin Tariq's first win in the arenas. Though Azami often frown on women in combat, she was able to convince him to give her a slot after killing one of the former Legionnaires in a duel.

Though shunned by the rest of the Stables, her skill in the arenas means she generates much of the stable's cash flow.

Gossip says she covets Noorzad ibn Saud's Warhammer, which means many expect him to die in the near future.[1]

She participated in the challenge from the Iron Knights in Garringer continent to get revenge for his stablemaster.[2]

The Iron Knights won the fight thanks to the full-scale battles they were still used to. They destroyed the six 'Mechs belonging to Ikhwan Stables, but they didn't look much the winners, losing several MechWarriors, their commanding officer among them. Only MechWarrior Rukaya survived, and she was castigated from the stable barely two hours after returning to Victory City.

She survived that fight, but she was castigated from the stable barely two hours after returning to Victory City.[3]


She pilots whichever 'Mech is available.[1] In the fight against the Iron Knights she was piloting an HBK-4G Hunchback.[3]

Character Traits[edit]


She is an aggressive figther.


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