Ryan's Rebels

Ryan's rebels
Disbanded Destroyed in Clan Invasion
Affiliation Greater Valkyrate
Parent Command Independent

Ryan's Rebels was a pirate band that was based in the Greater Valkyrate.


The Rebels formed when Maria Morgraine and Redjack Ryan married and formed the Greater Valkyrate. It was a regiment-sized formation of pirates that split into battalion-sized units to garrison multiple systems.

In 3050 the First Battalion was stationed on Butte Hold. Second Battalion was on Last Chance, and Third Battalion was on Götterdämmerung.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Ryan's Rebels
Major Elaine Ramos 3050 (First Battalion)[1]
Major Maria Sanderson 3050 (Second Battalion)[1]
Major Susie Morgraine-Ryan 3050 (Third Battalion)[1]


Composition History


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