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Shuttle ST-46 TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Use Cargo/Passenger Carrier
Type (Shape) Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 4,431,060[1]
Introduced 2528
Technical specifications
Mass 100
Structural Integrity 6
Length 22
Engine (Type) Entech 200c
Safe Thrust 4
Maximum Thrust 6
Burn Rate
Armament None
Armor Standard
Heat Sinks None
Crew 1 officer, 2 enlisted, 8 passengers
BV (1.0) 654[2][3]
BV (2.0) ???


The ST-46 is a typical example of the atmospheric capable shuttlecraft in use within both the Inner Sphere and Clan territories. Many stations and larger transports, such as JumpShips and WarShips, carry at least one of these craft to allow planetary transport of crew and cargo without having to rely upon docked DropShips for the task.

Because the ST-46 features an aerodyne shape, the design is able to conserve fuel during trips from space to a planetary surface, though the craft requires a prepared ferrocrete runway to land on as the landing gear is susceptible to damage and collapse on unpaved terrain.[4][5][6]


Primarily intended for civilian use, the ST-46 is totally unarmed. The small amount of armor the craft carries intended more to offer some protection, however minor, against landing or docking mishaps rather than overt offensive assault.[4][5][6]


Directly behind the ST-46's cockpit is the 8 person capacity passenger section which leads to the craft's single airlock. The vessel's cargo section is directly behind the passenger section but there is no internal access to the cargo bay and engineering section behind it from inside the craft, only via the single large cargo hatch on the ST-46's starboard side.[4][6] The cargo section can, however, be accessed from the engineering section through ducting.[5]


  • ST-46C 
    Introduced in 2897, due to their higher level of technology the Clan version of the ST-46C boasts minor improvements in both armor and cargo capacity, though like the Inner Sphere version is also unarmed. BV (1.0)= 813[7][6]



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