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Schwerer Gustav

Named after the heavy artillery platform from Terra's second World War, the one-of-a-kind Schwerer Gustav is a FrankenMech hodgepodge of proven and prototype Inner Sphere and Clan technologies.

Schwerer Gustav
"Schwerer Gustav"
Production information
Manufacturer Field Center Bravo-613, Arc-Royal
Production Year 3073[1]
Model Standard
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 100 tons
Chassis Custom Hybrid Standard/Endo Steel Chassis
Armor Standard
Engine 400 rated XL Engine
Speed 60 km/h

1x Thumper Cannon
1x Binary Laser Cannon
1x Clan Rotary AC/5

BV (2.0) 1,796[2]


Rumored to be born of a barroom bet in 3073 between Sergi Ivanovich, chief tech of the Tooth of Ymir mercenary unit, and his Kell Hounds counterpart Daniel Holstein that a heavily damaged and discarded hulk of a Wolf's Dragoons Annihilator couldn't be revived within six months, the project became a morale booster and garnered high-level support. Completed in just two months, beyond bragging rights, Invanovich's prize was reportedly six cases of Lachan County Ale.[2]

The very definition of a FrankenMech, the Schwerer Gustav is a hybrid combination of six different designs, primarily the Annihilator, Verfolger and Berserker. Underneath its strange exterior, a hybrid standard and Endo Steel chassis serves as a sturdy frame for the advanced and standard equipment it carries. A 400 rated XL Engine swaddled in fifteen double heat sinks gives the 'Mech surprising speed and staying power for its size, while a Compact Gyro frees space for a Bloodhound Active Probe in the center torso. Intended for service in the Tooth of Ymir's command lance, the Schwerer Gustav also includes a Command Console in the head to allow a tactical officer to enter direct combat.[2]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Much like the rest of the 'Mech, the Schwerer Gustav's weapons array is an eclectic mixture of advanced and mundane. The primary weapon best suits its role as a command lance 'Mech, a massive Thumper Artillery Cannon capable of unleashing supporting fire from longer distances than most 'Mech based armament. The shorter ranged more direct firepower comes in the form of an experimental Clan Rotary AC/5 and a Binary Laser Cannon, both courtesy of Grand Duke Morgan Kell to aid in Ivanovich's "inspiration". Two tons' worth of Thumper munitions (forty rounds) and three tons of reloads for the ammo hungry Rotary Autocannon, equal to sixty bursts, in the 'Mechs' CASE protected right-torso give the Gustav good endurance in the field.[2]


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