Skallevoll People's Militia

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Skallevoll People's Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3051)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation KungsArmé
Formed unknown

The Skallevoll People's Militia was assigned to defend Skallevoll.[1]


In March 3050 the planet was invaded by the Trinary Battle, along with Alpha and Charlie Elemental Stars, of Clan Wolf's 7thth Battle Cluster. They clashed with the planet's defenders, consisting of the 1st Skallevoll People's Armored Regiment, 1st and 3rd Skallevoll People's Mechanized Regiment, and a mercenary 'Mech battalion known as The Glory Warriors, at Stormgard's Crossing and on the Kesig Plain. The majority of both militia and mercenary forces were destroyed in these confrontations, forcing the local government to accept terms of surrender.[1]



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