Skandia Militia

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Skandia Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation KungsArme
Formed unknown

The Skandia Militia was assigned to defend Skandia.[1]


Skandia was invaded by the Bronze Keshik, 4th Battle and 16th Battle Clusters of Clan Wolf in February 3052 during the Fifth Wave of Operation Revival. Opposing them were the 3rd Drakøns, a KungsArmé regiment that had long harried Clan Wolf and whose destruction had been given top priority, supported by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Skandia Royal Militia Brigades. From the moment the Galaxy Commander and his forces made their landing they engaged in what was essentially one long running battle with the Drakøns, fighting them at such places as Biberist, Sumiswalk, Spiez and Moudon. This lasted for two entire weeks until the last Drakøn 'Mech was finally destroyed and the planet conquered.[2] It seems understandable that the Militia unit died defending the planet as the Drakøns did.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Skandia Militia



Composition History[edit]



Game Rules[edit]


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