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List of Solaris Dueling Stables

Stable Affiliation Notes
DiNapoli Stables The Republic of the Sphere
Kroner Kings Stables
Sun Runners Stables
Carstairs Stables Lyran Commonwealth
Seven Deadly Sins Stables
Midnight Stables
Streholm Cooperative
Black Lions Cooperative Free Worlds League
Manticore Stables
Jacobite Stables
Pocopo Stables
The Ventilators
The Titans
North Shore Stables
Star Rangers Stables
Warwick Stables
Regulus Wrath Stables Regulan Hussars
Grey Cobras Stables
Burning Star Stables
Katana Stables Draconis Combine
Team Samurai Draconis Combine
Xolara Arena Stables
Forrest’s Fire Stables Forrest Financial Trust
Restless Souls Stables
Knights Stables
Zhan Youshi Stables
Swords Stables
Red Wings Stables
Blue Fists Stables Lyran Alliance
Black Ronin Stables
Stone Fists Stables
Snake Skinners Stables
Eichenberry Stables Lyran Alliance
People’s Will Stables
The Dark Eyes Stables Apocryphal
White Star Stables
Breakdown Division Stables
Golden Lions Stables
Hannibal’s Elephants Stables
Red Knives Stables
Tolona Corp’s Regular Stables
Mordoc's Minutemen Stables
Carmody's Cavaliers Stables
Three Tigers Stables
Gemini Stables Federated Suns
Cenotaph Stables St. Ives Commonality
DeLon Stables Draconis Combine
Silver Dragons Stables Draconis Combine
Canid Cooperative
Firedrake Stables
Ryder's Raiders Stables
Black Eagles Stables
Fire Walkers Stables
Toranaga Stables Draconis Combine
Lynch Stables Lyran Commonwealth
Galahad Stables Free Worlds League
Victory Stables Lyran Commonwealth Apocryphal
Crimson Voodoo Stables
Oonthrax Stables Lyran Commonwealth
Broken Chains Stables Independant
Overlord Stables Lyran Commonwealth
Huntsmen Stables
Hombres Stables Free Worlds League
Lion City Stables Lyran Commonwealth
Zelazni Stables Capellan Confederation
Toro Stables Taurian Concordat
Ice Giants Stables Rasalhague
Fitzhugh Stables Andurien
Starlight Stables Federated Suns
Zellbrigen Stables Jade Falcon / Diamond Shark
Silhouette Stables Magistracy of Canopus
Vampires Stables Federated Commonwealth leaning
Bromley Stables Free Worlds League
Tandrek Stables Capellan Confederation
White Hand Stables Federated Suns
Banshees Stables Lyran Alliance / Rasalhague
Ikhwan Stables Azami
Red Jians Stables St. Ives Commonality / Capellan Confederation
Wyren Claws Stables Draconis Combine
Gilgamesh Stables Free Worlds League
Blackstar Stables Federated Suns
Skye Tigers Stables Lyran Commonwealth
Wraiths Stables Capellan Confederation / Draconis Combine
Capellan Mafia