Sorenson's Sabres (scenario pack)

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From the back cover

Born in the wake of civil unrest, Sorenson's Sabres are the most feared and respected of Kurita troops, due to their unique composition, deadly efficiency, and ferocious tactics. From fighting Bandit Kings to raids on Davion space, the LAM, AeroSpace Fighter, and 'Mechs of this company get the job done with new tactics and old-fashioned grit.

This scenario set details the history of Sorenson's Sabres, profiles the statistics and combat readiness of the members of the company, and includes 20 scenarios pitting Sorenson's Sabres against a wide variety of colorful opponents.


  • Introduction
  • Scenarios
    • The Red Forest
    • Raid on Hell
    • The Valley of Tears
    • Pawns of Crystal, Board of Stone
    • Fragile is the House of Cards
    • The Ozawa Campaign
      • Scenario 1
      • Scenario 2
      • Scenario 3
    • The Protector
    • A Train to Catch
    • After the Big Boys
    • Bitter Pursuit
      • Scenario 1
      • Scenario 2
      • Scenario 3
    • Devastating Encounter
    • The Ranger Surprise