Creature information
Type Insect
Homeworld New Avalon
Environment n/a
Average mass n/a
Average length n/a
Average height n/a
Creature stats
System n/a
STR n/a
BOD n/a
DEX n/a
RFL n/a
WIL n/a
EDG n/a
Traits n/a
Skills n/a
Size n/a
Armor n/a
Attack n/a

The sourbug was an insect that was often drawn to agricultural crops.[1] It may have been native to New Avalon.


The sourbug was known to exist on New Avalon (if not other worlds), and seemed to feast particularly on the lush farmlands of the Albion continent. When exposed to 'Mech coolant, they could be driven into a massive frenzy, forming a large enough bug storm to interfere even with BattleMechs.[1]


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