Southwest Trinity worlds


The Southwest Trinity Worlds is the unofficial nickname of a trio of planets near the Periphery of the Free Worlds League that were primarily settled by various Native Americans tribes, Hispanics, Americans from the southwestern United States (Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas), and people of Jewish descent.[1]

These worlds are known throughout the Inner Sphere of the mid-thirty-first century due to the exploits of the 17th Recon Regiment, nicknamed the Camacho's Caballeros, a mercenary unit mainly comprised of individuals hailing from that region.

When the worlds were first settled, they had originally formed a bandit kingdom known alternatively as the Intendancy of New New Spain or the Intendancy of New New Grenada.[2][3][4] When the Free Worlds League conquered and then absorbed the three cantankerous worlds, it was considered a major coup by the long-suffering neighboring worlds, and went a long way towards influencing those worlds to view the Free Worlds League favorably.[5]


The people of the region emulate the Southwestern United States and Mexico's "Old West" mentality from the 1900s. Many of the people are heavily religious, rough and tumble, and violent. The populations of the planets tend fight or squabble among themselves due to their Clannish ways. Many religious leadership figures are also engaged as warriors to attempt to earn the respect of the rough people they lead.[6]

Women among the male chauvinists are known to break away from their expected "homemaker" roles by joining the military to get away from their society norms.[7]

The people raise herd animals, such violent variation of the American bison, Longhorn, Brahma bull which was named Ranger. This animal forces many young rancher children on the Trinity worlds to become adept AgroMech pilots to handle the man-hunting beasts.[8]

Worlds of the Southwestern Trinity


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