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Machine Gun Array

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| Type = [[Ballistic Weapons|Ballistic]]
| Tech Base = [[Clan]] / [[Inner Sphere]]
| Year Availability =Clan = [[3069]] ([[Clan Diamond Shark|CDS]])<ref name="TMp292"/>IS = [[3068]]<ref name="TMp228">''TechManual'', p. 228, "Machine Gun Arrays"</ref>| Availability Rating = | Age of War–Star League = [[Availability Rating#X|X]]<ref name="TMp292"/>| Succession Wars = [[Availability Rating#X|X]]<ref name="TMp292"/>| Clan Invasion – Present = [[Availability Rating#F|F]]<ref name="TMp292"/>
| Heat = ?
| Damage = ?
| Medium Range = ?
| Long Range = ?
| Tons = 0.5<ref name="TMp342">''TechManual'', p. 342, "Inner Sphere Heavy Weapons And Equipment Table"</ref>| Critical Slots = 1<ref name="TMp342"/>
| Ammo Per Ton = ???
| Cost (unloaded) = ???1,250<ref name="TMp292">''TechManual'', p. 292, "Heavy Weapons And Equipment"</ref>
| Ammo Cost (per ton) = ???
| BV (1.0) = ???
==Description==The '''Machine Gun Array''' ('''MGA''') was developed in [[3068]] by the [[Federated Suns]]. Despite that, the [[Taurian Concordat]] was actually the first power to use them, as they had pilfered the technology from the FedSuns and were able to quickly reverse engineer and put it into production. [[Clan Diamond Shark]] also created an identical [[Clan]] version that was unveiled around roughly the same time.<ref name="TMp228"/>
The Machine Gun Array itself allows two to four [[machine gun]]s of the same type (standard, [[Light Machine Gun|light]], or [[Heavy Machine Gun|heavy]]) to be linked and fired as one. <ref name="TMp228"/>
*Unit Restricted: No Restrictions
*Avaliablity: (X-X-F)
Machine Gun Arrays are manufactured on the following planets:
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! Brand
! Planet
! Company
! Used by
! References
| [[Corean Bulletstorm ]] (Clantech)<ref name="TRO:3145FSp36+">''Technical Readout: 3145 Federated Suns'', p. 34-35, "UCU-F4 ''Scarecrow''"</ref>
| [[Augusta]]
| [[Corean Enterprises]]
|[[Scarecrow|UCU-F4 ''Scarecrow'']]| Hellespont<ref>[ BattleCorps"TRO: 3145FSp36+"Marian Might"]</ref><ref> [http''Technical Readout://www3145 Federated Suns'', BattleCorps: 36-37, "BuccaneerUCU-F4 ''Scarecrow''"]</ref>| Unknown| Unknown|-
==See Also==
The Machine Gun Array has been used in various video games, each with their own stats for the weapon; below is a list of the games that use it along with a link to each version's stats:
*[[MechCommander 2/Equipment#Machine Gun Array|MechCommander 2]]
*''Tech Manual'', pp. 228, 292
==Bibliography==* ''[[Tech ManualTechManual]]''
* ''[[Technical Readout: 3145 Federated Suns]]''
[[Category:Technology|Machine Gun Array]]