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St. Ives Military Command

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The St. Ives Military Command (SIMC) was the military arm of the short-lived St. Ives Compact. Commanded by a Senior Colonel, similar to the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, the SIMC was divided into provincial directorates, the commanders of which sat on a council chaired by the deputy military commander. It consisted of the prestigious St. Ives Lancers, the workhorse St. Ives Armored Cavalry, and the newer St. Ives Janissaries (a unit that was modeled on the Ceti Hussars). SIMC doctrine was an amalgamation of strategy and tactics from the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth. The SIMC also maintained the St. Ives Academy of Martial Sciences on St. Ives. The only major military academy in the Compact, SIAMS was designed to train officers for the SIMC.[1]


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