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Stacy Church

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Stacy Church
Stacy Church
AffiliationWolf's Dragoons

Stacy Church was a mercenary MechWarrior officer in Wolf's Dragoons during the thirty-first century.


Early years[edit]

Stacy Church was orphaned as a little child on Caph and rescued by soldiers of Wolf's Dragoons at age three. She was given the surname by the Dragoons because they found her in the remnants of a church. Adopted by the Dragoons, Stacy was put into a training sibko with other war orphans. She would eventually overcome the loss of her parents by devoting her life to the Dragoons and becoming a capable warrior.

Early career and the Dragoon Civil War[edit]

Hard work and dedication earned Church top scores and she graduated at the top of her class. Securing a rare slot with the elite Spider's Web Battalion, Church would face some of the Inner Sphere's toughest assignments. Particularly noteworthy was a duel during the Dragoon Civil War on Outreach, where she fought and defeated a rebel Gladiator assault OmniMech with her much smaller Loki in an industrial complex outside Kerensky Heights.

By the conflict's end she had lost her Loki but won promotion for her deeds.

Black Widows commander[edit]

Church was rewarded with a Mad Cat OmniMech to replace her lost machine.[1] She was promoted to Captain of the Black Widows Trinary after her further success on assignment on Hall. But her early career with the Widows was marked by her tendency to get personally involved in battles and become distracted. Veteran Black Widows Company officer John Clavell, a former protégé of the Black Widow herself, later schooled Stacy in the nuances of battlefield command.

When Outreach was attacked at the beginning of the Jihad, Stacy's battalion was annihilated by an undercover Blakist unit posing as the mercenary Broadsword Legion. She was the lone survivor of an ambush that wiped out her entire command. Left for dead in her wrecked 'Mech, she was rescued shortly after. When the Dragoons withdrew to Arc-Royal, she attempted remain behind to fight the Blakists but was ordered by General Maeve Wolf to withdraw with the rest of the Dragoons.

On Arc-Royal, she became the commander of the newly re-formed Black Widows Company in 3069.


Church piloted a Mad Cat OmniMech during the first stage of the Jihad, until losing it in Second Battle of Outreach (3067). Later, she was given an experimental Zeus-X BattleMech donated by the Kell Hounds. Her company was the first Dragoons unit to return to active service. Her unit took on various opponents as the Jihad progressed, including the elite Blakist unit Opacus Venatori.


  • Church is noted for her beauty, her fitness, and her tough-as-nails attitude. She was demoted once early in her career after she reacted to a comment made about her muscular arms.
  • She is considered one of the most recognizable Zeus pilots, with her new Zeus-X sometimes compared to the iconic Warhammer of former Black Widow commander Natasha Kerensky.[2]
  • Church is one of ten Dragoons given a Pilot Card in BattleTech: Wolf's Dragoons Assault Star.



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