Stone's Revenants

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Stone's Revenants
Formed 3077
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Parent Command Stone's Brigade

Stone's Revenants were one of the most storied units in the Republic of the Sphere.


Formation and the Jihad Era

Stone's Revenants came into being as a unit on Chara in late 3077. The Revenants formed up from survivors from a number of allied coalition units which had been badly mauled during the campaign for Chara in Operation SCOUR; General Belle Lee made the decision to create the new command rather than rebuilding the various broken units.[1]

During the assault on Terra, they assaulted the Cairo Castle Brian.[2]

Early Dark Age Era


After the Jihad ended, they fought the Capellan Confederation on Tikonov, Hamal, and Slocum. Later they fought on Acamar and secured Hussan, a key city on Liao. At the end of the conflict, they fought and defeated the Third and Fifth McCarron's Armored Cavalry regiments on Tsitsang.[3]

In 3085 Stone's Revenants were stationed on Augustine in Prefecture VII of the Republic of the Sphere.[4]

The Revenants were found on Sarna in early 3113, where they fought several CCAF regiments. By May however they had withdrawn into Republic space.[5]

Late Dark Age Era

After the Capellan Crusades ended, most of the Revenants' soldiers were reassigned to rebuild Stone's Lament and Stone's Liberators. After the creation of Fortress Republic in 3136 the Revenants were rebuilt. They also fought alongside the XIV Hastati Sentinels on Epsilon Eridani during the destruction of the re-formed Com Guards' First Division in February 3141. The Revenants forced the Com Guards forces to retreat to a mountain fortress, where the Fourteenth Hastati could drop on them and destroy the rogue unit.[6] Later, in 3145, they donated two companies of troops to the newly-formed Stone's Defenders.[7] They were stationed on Altair in 3145.[8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Stone's Revenants
Colonel Leann Kissack 3085[4]
Colonel Thaddeus Yewande 3141[9]
Colonel Thaddeus Yewande 3145[8]



Composition History


Stone's Revenants (1 BattleMech Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[4]

  • CO: Colonel Leann Kissack

1st Revenants Air (Wing/Veteran/Reliable)[4]

1st Revenants Armor (1 Battalion/Elite/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Major Daichi Tsuruchi

1st Revenants Battle Armor (1 Battalion/Veteran/Fanatical)[4]

  • CO: Major Alexandr Kozenkov


Stone's Revenants (1 BattleMech Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[8]

  • CO: Colonel Thaddeus Yewande

1st Revenants Air Wing (1 AeroSpace Wing/Elite/Fanatical)[8]

  • CO: Major Myles Daymond

1st Revenants Armor (1 Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Major Leon Fausto

1st Revenants Battle Armor (1 Battalion/Elite/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Major William Ramseyer


TP Epsilon Eridani

  • The Revenants are able to push their equipment to the limit. To represent this add 1 to the Running/Flank MP of every unit of the regiment.[9]
  • The Revenants can also use the Opportunity Fire rule (see Tactical Operations, p. 80).[9]
  • The Revenants apply a -1 to hit modifier to weapon attacks when fighting the Capellan Confederation.[9]


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