Sze Teng

Sze Teng
Character Profile
Died 15 January 3027[1]
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Teng Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator
Siblings Fuh Teng

Sze Teng was a MechWarrior who fought in the Solaris Games for Teng Stables with his brother Fuh Teng. The two were secretly Maskirovka agents working for their handler Tsen Shang.[2]



He has lost his nerve. He disgraces ancestors who, two hundred years ago, made the Vindicator a 'Mech to be feared. He knows it is time to die.
  — Tsen Shang

Tsen Shang arranged for Sze Teng to die in a fixed match against Philip Capet. Sze Teng apparently accepted his fate, but was misled about the timing. Told he would die in a rematch, he was instead killed in the first match that he and his brother fought against Capet.[2][1]


Sze Teng, like his brother, was a Vindicator pilot.[2][3]


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