Tales from the Cracked Canopy: No Rest for the Accursed

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No Rest for the Accursed
Story information
Author Matthew Cross
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 13
Timeline 29 July 3134 - 23 May 3136
Series Tales from the Cracked Canopy
Preceded by Tales from the Cracked Canopy: Silent Roar

No Rest for the Accursed is a short story by Matthew Cross that was published in the thirteenth issue of Shrapnel.

Plot summary[edit]

Yuri Agamato, a former Dragon's Fury MechWarrior, went to the Cracked Canopy, a MechWarrior's bar on Solaris City. He carries a heavy burden and only wants to get rid of it, so he went there to leave it on the bar, and only for that, he explains his history to the bartender Jonathan. He was a former RAF member which defected, joining Katana Tormark's group, to join his Draconis Combine roots, with his 'Mech. He was part of a group of the Fury's to launch a raid against Sadachbia, to steal supplies for the Fury. He had his BattleMech, but before arriving to target, they were engaged by a mysterious Highlander, which easily destroys the MODs. Yuri attempted to fight, but he is downed too. The mysterious female pilot, which made herself be called the Banshee, and was clearly a member of the Northwind Highlanders, gave Yuri a capsule with a message which he had to give to Tormark, and leaves him depart. Yuri finishes his tale telling how Katana Tormark had thrown him from the Dragon's Fury, blaming him for the defeat. Since then, he had been tormented from the incident, which had ruined his life. He wanted to give the capsule to free himself from that curse... but when Jonathan cleans the item, before putting it to the Memory Wall, uncovers a inscription where the Banshee swears she always will be with Yuri. The message broke all Yuri's confidence, and decides to abandon his plans to return to a 'Mech's cockpit.

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