Tales of the Black Widow Company

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Tales of the Black Widow Company is a scenario book that focuses on the legendary Natasha Kerensky and her Black Widow Company. It details the unit's pilots and mechs during the period that their parent unit Wolf's Dragoons and, by extension, the Black Widows themselves were in the service of House Kurita's Draconis Combine, from 3023 until 3028, as well as a single scenario set during 3022 when the Dragoons were in service of House Steiner's Lyran Commonwealth. The book gives a brief history of Wolf's Dragoons and their leader Jaime Wolf before going on to detail the history of the Black Widow Company itself. It then gives information of all twelve pilots in the company and their mechs, including details of mechanical foibles and failures that the mechs suffer from.

After the information on the unit, the book presents eleven stand-alone scenarios and a short four-mission campaign to challenge the Black Widow Company. Each scenario has a short piece of fiction to set the scene before going on to detail the set-up for the mission, with information on which members of the Black Widow Company are involved in the battle and how they are deployed, details of the opposing units and their deployment, victory and loss conditions for each side as well as any special rules for the scenario.


How To Use The Scenarios Presented
Wolf's Dragoons
Brief Regimental History
Jaime Wolf, Brief Personal History
Kerensky's Black Widows: Brief History
Command Lance
Capt. Kerensky
Warrior Maclaren
Warrior Sheridan
Warrior Hayes
Ikeda's Fire Lance
Lt. Ikeda
Warrior Delius
Warrior Koniev
Warrior Ward
Clavell's Recon Lance
Lt. Clavell
Warrior Nichols
Warrior Fraser
Warrior Jahan
Lady Sings The Blues
Queen's Gambit
Scavenger Hunt
Spider Trap
The Lady And The Tiger
Leave No Survivors
Dawn Patrol
Fog Of War
The Bounty Hunter
Lady's Man
Ghost Unit
The Battle For Hoff
Scenario I
Scenario II
Scenario III
Scenario IV