Tall Trees Union

Tall Trees Union
State Profile
Founding Year 3136
Dissolution year: 3145, joined with the Capellan Confederation[1][2]
Capital world: Tall Trees
Controlled system(s): approx. 4

The Tall Trees Union was a small proto-state created by Paladin Thaddeus Marik from the Republic of the Sphere's Prefecture VI.


The Union was one of several "pocket fortresses" founded by then-Paladin Thaddeus Marik, as part of his secret plan to lay the groundwork for the return of the Free Worlds League, by creating pockets of neighborhoods with Prefecture VI, VII, and VIII. He presented this version of his plan to Exarch Jonah Levin as a means to soften the return of the Republic, once the walls of Fortress Republic have gone up.

The Union was organized by Marik and his agents. To strengthen the formation of the Union, Thaddeus hired the mercenary Wolf Hunters unit to raid New Canton in October of 3136, to compel the local government to join. The plan called for Marik to lead coalition force—consisting of Tall Trees Union's militia forces—to come to their aid.

However, the plan was disrupted by the arrival of the Steel Wolves seeking revenge on the Wolf Hunter's commander, Anastasia Kerensky. Since the Hunter's raid was stopped before any damage was done. Thaddeus' plan to convince them to join the Union for better protection failed.

By 3145, the Union had been conquered by the Capellan Confederation after an eighteen month campaign that ended with the crushing of local resistance by the Fourth Liao Guards.[1][2][3]


As of 3139, the Union consisted of four worlds: Hsien, Menkalinan, Saiph, and the capital world of Tall Trees.


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