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Task Force Serpent (CCG - Crusade)

Rarity: Rare

Task Force Serpent
5+6P Task Force Serpent CCG Crusade.jpg
Command - Unique - Inner Sphere
Scrap this card when it is revealed.

Search your Stockpile for up to 3 Unit cards and up to 2 Unique Command cards, show all those cards to your opponent, and put them into your hand. Shuffle your Stockpile afterward.

I pulled every string I could to get you people on my task force. If even one of you fails to live up to your part of the job, I will collect every hair off your body—one at a time. This mission is too important to screw up.
  — Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion, Commander, Task Force Serpent, 3058
0 / 0 Illus: D. Alexander Gregory
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