Technical Readout: 3067

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This title combines previously released material (from the Field Manual series) with first-time published articles on BattleMechs, combat vehicles, Aerospace Fighters, OmniFighters, DropShips and WarShips, all set on the eve of the Jihad.


  • Introductions - in-character status reports on war material development in the Inner Sphere and Clan societies
Demi-Precentor XIV-Sigma Merle Jimmus, ComStar (1 December, 3067)
Precentor VI-Omega Jared Pascal, ComStar (30 September, 3067)

  • Inner Sphere Vehicles - the importance of combat vehicles to Inner Sphere combined-armed tactics
Precentor XV-Lambda/Omega Igarashi Miya, ComStar (19 October, 3067)

Minion Main Gauche Stygian Glaive Musketeer
Morningstar Manteuffel Fortune Glory Ajax

  • Clan Vehicles - the increased understanding of combat vehicle use by the Clans
Precentor VIII-Omega Jared Pascal, ComStar (17 September, 3067)

Hephaestus Tyr Enyo Shoden Morrigu

  • Clan BattleMechs - Introduction to her report on all new Inner Sphere designs of the last decade
Demi-Precentor II-Omega Francess Pryce, ComStar (17 October 3067)

Solitaire Hellion Spirit Lobo Pinion
Cimson Langur Rabid Coyote Hellfire Arcas Bowman
Burrock Blood Kite Savage Coyote Mad Cat Scylla

  • Inner Sphere Aerospace Fighters - The rapid increase in new designs since the general upgrade of the ground branches is noted
Demi-Precentor Josef Harkin, ComStar (19 October, 3067)

Corax Dagger Lancer Defiance Oni
Troika Tatsu Huscarl Shiva Eisensturm

  • Clan Aerospace Fighters - an introspection into how Clan assets are named
Precentor VIII-Omega Jared Pascal, ComStar (18 September, 3067)

Chaeronea Issus Tyre Ammon Xerxes

  • Inner Sphere DropShips - A concentration on assault ships by the Inner Sphere
Demi-Precentor VI-Omega Jacob Mellons, ComStar (1 October, 3067)

Merlin Union-X Assault Triumph Overlord-A3 Nekohono'o

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