Technology Rating/RPG3e

See Also: Tech Manual Tech Rating, Combat Equipment Guide Tech Rating, and Classic BattleTech Companion Tech Rating

Technology Rating is a code used in the Classic BattleTech game indicating the relative sophistication of vehicles and components, 'Mech and other equipment, or of the subsystems found in the same. Its primary function is to determine what systems were available in a particular time period in the BattleTech universe. A similar system was used in the MechWarrior, First Edition roleplaying game. That scale was different, primarily because the Clans had not been developed when that game had been written. This Version of the Technology Rating System is published in MechWarrior, Third Edition and and includes Pre-Industrial Technologies while the Combat Equipment, Total Warfare, and Tech Manual variations focus on the post-industrial revolution time period. It is very easy to get these systems confused.

Technology Rating Label Years
A Primitive to Early Twentieth century[1]
B Low-Tech Late Twentieth century[1]
C Common Tech 21st to 22nd Centuries[1]
D High-Tech Age of War and Succession Wars[1]
E Advanced Star League and Post-3050 Inner Sphere[1]
F Hyper-Advanced Clan and Post-3065 Inner Sphere[1]


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