This template is meant only for fictional characters within the BattleTech universe. (For articles about real persons who are relevant to BattleTech, use Template:InfoBoxRealPerson instead.)


| image               = 
| name                = 
| birthdate           = 
| died                = 
| othernames          = 
| affiliation         = 
| rank                = 
| title               = 
| position            = 
| profession          = 
| parents             = 
| siblings            = 
| spouse              = 
| children            = 


image =
Image file link of the person in question. Use the format filename.extension without any wikicode (e.g. "battletech.jpg").
name =
The real name of the person in question; in case of doubt, the true or correct civil name (e.g. "Anastasius Focht" was an assumed name of the man whose real name was Frederick Steiner; in this case, the "Name" would be Frederick Steiner and "othernames" would list his well-known alias). In some cases, a person may only be known under an assumed name; in this case, put "Unknown" into this field.
othernames =
Known aliases or appellations for the person in question.
birthdate =
Date of birth (with reference if possible), preferably in day/month/year format; the year will do if the exact date is not known.
died =
Date of death; same format as for birth date above.
affiliation =
The Great House(s), Clan(s) or faction(s) with whom the character is prominently associated.
rank =
The character's highest-known military rank in the BattleTech universe (e.g. "General").
title =
The character's known noble title(s) in the BattleTech universe (e.g. "Duke").
position =
The character's position, post or job within their profession.
profession =
The character's best-known profession(s), occupation(s) or role(s) in the BattleTech universe (e.g. "MechWarrior", "Noble", "Diplomat", "Doctor").
parents =
The character's parents.
siblings =
The character's siblings, if any. Not applicable for trueborn sibkin except under unusual circumstances, in which case trueborn sibkin can be noted in parantheses and must be explained in the article text.
spouse =
The character's spouse(s), if any.
children =
The character's offspring, if any. Trueborn, cloned or otherwise bio-engineered offspring should be noted in parantheses and explained in the article text.