Vessel Profile


| image        = 
| vesselname   = 
| prevname     = 
| type         = 
| class        = 
| prevclass    = 
| servicesince = 
| serviceuntil = 


image =
Optional. Image of the vessel, either artwork from a canonical product or an official miniature. Do only include images that explicitly depict the individual vessel in question; do not include images that merely depict the class, as opposed to a specific vessel.
vesselname =
Optional. The latest known name of the vessel. Do not include any service abbreviations, e.g. "Warspite" is correct, "SLS Warspite" is incorrect. Will default to the pagename if no other name is given.
prevname =
Optional. Any previous names the vessel has had if it has been renamed.
type =
The type of vessel, e.g. WarShip, JumpShip, DropShip, etc.
class =
Optional. The lastest known class of the vessel.
prevclass =
Optional. Any previous class(es) the vessel has been if it has changed class at some point (by means of a rebuild or otherwise extensive modification)
servicesince = 
Optional. The date the vessel first entered service, if known.
serviceuntil = 
Optional. The date the vessel was destroyed, decommissioned, mothballed for the last time, or otherwise taken out of service, if known.