Alert icon black.svg Page Undergoing Major Expansion or Revamping
Underconstruction is in the middle of an major expansion or revamping. You are welcome to assist in its construction by editing it as well. Otherwise, please be aware that there are several changes to be made that are not yet presented. If it has not been edited in several days, please remove this template.

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The following is transcribed from Template:Underconstruction/doc.


The {{Underconstruction}} template is used in the leading section of a page as a informative message of that page's current status of major expansion or revamping. It is intended to be used by an Editor that does not mind parallel development of the page by another Editor and can also be used when an Editor is not actively editing the page at that specific time. Instead, when an Editor is actively editing a page and seeks to prevent edit conflicts, it is suggested this template be replaced by {{inuse}}.


Place {{Underconstruction}} into the leading section of a page, following any disambiguation link, but before other leading section contents.