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| image    =  
| image    =  
| nickname = unknown
| nickname = unknown
| parent formation = [[KungsArme]]
| parent formation = [[KungsArmé]]
| formed  = unknown
| formed  = unknown
| year    = 3051
| year    = 3051

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Thannhausen Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3051)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation KungsArmé
Formed unknown

The Thannhausen Militia was assigned to defend Thannhausen[1]


Clan Invasion

Thannhausen was conquered by Clan Wolf in November 3051, with the 4th Striker Cluster fighting the 1st and 2nd Thannhausen Brigades at Mt. Kopper, Cesson Forest and Nichol Vale. Initially the battle had gone in the defenders' favor as they were able to construct an effective defense which kept the 4th Striker's mixed service units from hitting the industrial complexes of Finton and Greech. This defense was undermined by a series of heavy thunderstorms which provided cover for several OmniMech and Elemental Stars to infiltrate and destroy the militia's communication and command centers, forcing their surrender.[2]


Unknown, but it was a grizzled veteran of the old Lyran military.


Composition History


  • First Thannhausen Brigade[1]
  • Second Thannhausen Brigade[1]


Game Rules


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