Thomas Marik (Real)

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Thomas Marik was the seventh son of Janos Marik from his first wife, Hilda Lauber. Captain-General of the Free Worlds League from 3036 until it hopelessly fractured during the 3070s. A former ComStar acolyte, Thomas was rescued from Duncan Marik's bomb attack by ComStar; he apparently "returned" in 3036 to claim the Captain-Generalcy. He led the Free Worlds League to greater unity, economic prosperity, and centralization than it had ever experienced, and in 3057 recovered worlds lost by Janos Marik some twenty-five years prior. However, Federated Commonwealth agents secretly proved that the reigning "Thomas Marik" is actually a double (one in a series of body-double plot twists in the BattleTech universe). Novels have subsequently revealed that he is controlled by, or allied to, the Word of Blake. He finally attempted to break his dependency on the Blakists, only to be deposed by Thomas' brother, Paul.

The true Thomas Marik was the shadowy figure known as "the Master" in the Word of Blake.[1]

Thomas Marik was survived by one illegitimate child, Isis. His only legitimate child, Joshua, died in 3057 while being treated for his leukemia on New Avalon.

"Thomas Marik" was also survived by one daughter, Jessica. His two sons, Christopher and Janos, were killed during his escape from Atreus.[2]


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