Tim Bradstreet

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Tim Bradstreet is an Eisner Award nominated illustrator who drew a number of pieces for FASA including Shadowrun, Renegade Legion and of course BattleTech.

Tim Broadstreet
Occupation Illustrator


Born February 16, 1967 in Cheverly, Maryland, Tim Bradstreet was primarily a self-taught illustrator working professionally after graduating from high school in 1985. Bradstreet joined Fantasmagraphics in 1986 where he worked with fellow illustrator Steve Venters, whose guidance led Bradstreet to begin illustrating role-playing games while attempting to pursue his linelong ambition to draw comics. Drawing for a number of role-playing publishers, it was Tim Bradstreet's seminal work on Vampire: The Masquerade in 1991 that allowed him to enter the comics world, attracting note for his photo-realistic line-art style.

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