Touring the Stars: Rigil Kentarus

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Touring the Stars: Rigil Kentarus
Product information
Type Sourcebook Companion
Development Joshua C. Perian
Primary writing Michael Miller
Paul Sjarijn
Pages 19
Cover Artwork David Kerber (Cover Art)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35SN226
First published 2 May 2020
MSRP $2.99
Era Succession Wars Era
Civil War Era
Jihad Era
Dark Age Era
Series Touring the Stars
Preceded by Touring the Stars: Gulf Breeze
Followed by Touring the Stars: Jardine


Touring the Stars: Rigil Kentarus (abbreviated TtS:Rigil Kentarus) is the twenty fifth in a series of supplemental Sourcebooks designed to detail worlds featured in the BattleTech Universe. The book is part of a series of in-universe profiles of articles written by Professor Bertram Habeas, in his series of books collectively known as Touring the Stars.

The supplement features the world of Rigil Kentarus. The PDF covers the years from its colonization to the present day. The PDF reveals the world's history and its current status in the Dark Age Era.

This book is the part of a line of PDF web-exclusive products produced by Catalyst Game Labs both for players using the A Time of War RPG rules and players using the Total Warfare series of books as a backdrop for their game.

Publisher's Description[edit]

Terra’s closest if not first colony, the binary planets of Rigil Kentarus and Riken Minor are just 4.3 light-years from Terra. Rigil Kentarus was settled by a mélange of Terran Alliance member-nations, some of which still leave their mark on the world (“Little America”), while others were wiped out by the Succession Wars, Jihad, and reconstruction. The twin worlds only recovered in the Republic of the Sphere, but generations-old refugee camps nurse hatred for the current government.

Touring the Stars is a whistle-stop tour of the universe! Every system and planet where mankind treads in the BattleTech universe has a story, for those with the drive to explore it. Take a tour of the stars humanity now calls home, experience awesome new worlds, immerse yourself in the local civilization, and prepare to do battle in exotic locales.


  • Introduction
  • Atlas - Rigil Kentarus
    • History of Rigil Kentarus
  • A Time of War Adventure Seeds
    • Give Us Your Food and Ammo
    • In the Halls of the Mountain King
  • Rules Annex
    • Riken Minor Castle Brian (Centaur Castle)
    • Riken Minor's Flooding Tunnels
  • BattleForce 2 - Space Map


  • Like other small PDF sourcebooks, Touring the Stars - Rigil Kentarus lacks an explicit table of contents. The list shown here was assembled from page headings.