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Trachazoi AToWComp.jpg
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld  ???
Environment Woodlands
Average mass  ???
Average length  ???
Average height  ???
Creature stats
System  ???
STR  ???
BOD  ???
DEX  ???
RFL  ???
WIL  ???
EDG  ???
Traits  ???
Skills  ???
Size  ???
Armor  ???
Attack  ???

The Trachazoi[1] are powerful carnivores that prey on large primates, including humans.


Commonly known as "brain-eaters", the trachazoi are small, powerful mammals (no larger that small dogs) that inhabit the woodlands on a variety of planets. Though spread across the Inner Sphere and beyond on a number of worlds, they are rare.

The trachazoi are ambush predators. They hunt at night by waiting for their prey to pass under the trees where they perch. Once a target has been selected, the trachazoi fall from the trees onto the their prey's head. Using their powerful fore-claws, they then split the skulls of their prey and consume the brains within. If the trachazoi miss their target, they quickly run away as they are no match in a direct confrontation.



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