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From the Back Cover

The Clan invasion left the Successor States struggling to recover from the war that devastated the forces of the Inner Sphere. The Federated Commonwealth took heavy losses, and its misfortune was compounded by the untimely death of Hanse Davion. The alliance is in a precarious position. The New Avalon Institute of Science has been charged to find a technological edge with which House Davion may regain its lost power. Study of Clan technology sent research in bold new directions, and led to an extraordinary breakthrough in BattleTechnology.

Unfortunately, the Federated Commonwealth's salvation is in the hands of a madman.

Unbound is a roleplaying adventure set in the BattleTech universe of 3053 on the Game World of Solaris VII. The player characters become involved in a struggle for control of a radical new technology that could change the balance of power in the Inner Sphere. The adventure includes several new 'Mechs and a selection of new tech from one of New Avalon's top research and development teams.