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Joined 16 March 2020


Hey there! I'm Amelody (18, Canadian, she/her). I've been a fan of BattleTech from a young age and am excited to finally participate in the community in a more direct way. Huge fan of Classic BattleTech, Alpha Strike, the MechWarrior games and am trying to get into the A Time Of War/MechWarrior RPG system.

Background with BattleTechEdit

My introduction to BattleTech was through MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries recently after it was released for free. Since then, I've been periodically checking in on how the series was going but only recently (2019) did I get involved in the tabletop game. Since then I've been diving into the lore and making contributions to this site wherever I can to help this become a more complete resource for BattleTech fans.

What I DoEdit

Outside of BattleTech I DJ, produce music, draw, make 3D models, play lots of other games (Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, a variety), argue about politics on Twitter and generally just do whatever seems cool.

I'm also trans, and part of the Harmony plural system. Life is weird sometimes.