I am a long time battletech fan. I first got interested in the universe when I played Mechwarrior 2, but what really drew me in was the manual that was written in character giving me my first taste of the clan ethos. I only recently got into the tabletop game, however, so I am not the best player. I am a decent tactician, but have many 'how does I shot web' moments. Despite growing up at the stick of big stompy mechs, I actually prefer a combined arms force, and it is not uncommon for my battlemechs to be outnumbers by vehicles and infantry. I am also heavy user of equipment and force multipliers.

I am semi-active on the battletech boards (under the same name), but my mailbox is always open if anyone has something to say to me.

I decided to help out here because of my interest in equipment and vehicles; I figured I would help categorize vehicles and give vehicles a C3 category like mechs have. Now that I look at how short and bare the conventional infantry pages are, I am thinking that needs some help too (a project page maybe?). I'm a wiki newb, so give me any suggestions you can.

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