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{{User:Cease to Hope/Sandbox/InfoBoxBattleMech
|manufacturer= [[Diplan 'Mechyards]] <br> [[Luthien Armor Works]]
|cost= 3,198,375 C-bills
|Tech Base = primitive
|mech type = omni
|production year=2784
|year reference=<ref name=TRO3025>''Technical Readout: 3025'', p. 26</ref>
|chassis=Diplan Scout-A
|engine=[[Magna 245]]
|comsys=[[Dawson III]]
|heat sinks=10
|jumpjets=Smithson Lifter
*1x [[SRM-4]]
*4x [[Medium Laser]]s
|BV (1.0) = 669
|BV (2.0)= 875<ref name=TRO3039>''Technical Readout: 3039'', p. 113</ref>
[[:Category:Nonstandard InfoBoxBattleMech tech base parameter|Buttmunch]]
|Tech Base = Inner Sphere
|mech type = BattleMech

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|Tech Base = Inner Sphere |mech type = BattleMech |feet=2